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5 Tips To Perk Up Your Workplace for 2018


5 Tips To Perk Up Your Workplace for 2018

A quick office worksplace update may be just what you need to stay motivated in the new year. Luckily you don’t have to go too far for a suggestion or two. Here are a few tips and tricks from workplace connoisseur and manufacturer, Poppin on how to turn over a new leaf in the office for 2018:
  1. Create separate stations: Zones are more important than ever for employee focus and concentration in the new world of open offices. Creating zone for focus is made all the easier with the QT Privacy Lounge Chair
  2. Add more lighting with the: Limber LED Task Lamp, for a flexible, functional lamping solution that shines a light on all that needs to be accomplished in a day’s work.
  3. Invest in a good chair (if you haven’t already): It’s worth splurging for an ergonomic, lumbar-supporting chair like Poppin’s Cobi Desk Chair.
  4. Infuse a pop of color: …or two for a bit of fun and flare by sliding in a few eye-catching desktop accessories. Thoughtfully layered trays, business card holders, pens, and more change the desktop game by adding a touch of personalization.
  5. Re-organize and declutter: with ease by incorporating Poppin’s colorful file cabinets in fashionable shades such as Blush and Slate.


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